martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

“The spirit of Harry Houdini”: play review by Clara Cornejo (2º BC)

English play review written by Clara Cornejo (2º de Bachillerato C)

 “A play full of mistery and surprises”

A theatre plot that we saw last week at the high school “Las Llamas”. The play was set up by a great company that usually organices funny shows, but this one might not be described as amusing by a spectator.

From the beginning, the main character, Houdini’s wife, is absolutely serious and sad because of her husband’s death. Mistery is what characterizes the play, moreover, when the medium who was supposed to communicate with the dead Houdini arrives, his appearance could seem frightening, even sinister, what is more, all the play is about death, which is always  a disturbing thing to think about.

In my opinion, the play was too slow sometimes that it could seem boring, but it was not bad at all. On the other, the ending was about a topic which is interesting because of its present relevance nowadays, so it was cool.

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